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SuperCard rumble software usage

Here only tell how to use the converted software. Speak of how to operate on console, please go to operation part. Necessary Equipments: 1. Converted software.2.PC one piece. Software installation: 1. Download the file named 'setup.exe'

Here only tell how to use the converted software. Speak of how to operate on console, please go to operation part.

Necessary Equipments: 1. Converted software. 2. PC one piece.

Software installation:

1. Download the file named 'setup.exe' from or copy it from the CD attached with SuperCard Lite. Set the directory which you want to install in, click 'Next' to complete the installation.

Run the converted software for the first time:

1.Run the software. Run the converted software, and set the out path of converted games on 'Option' menu first. Or else maybe you cannot find the converted games after converting them.

2.The operation menu is quite simple; the usage is easy as well. There are two menus: One is 'Game List', and the other is 'Options'. On 'Options' menu, you can set the out path of converted games, software language. There is a function on this menu called 'Game Default Set'. It is quite useful since you can save time by using this function. For example, if you want to convert 10 game files at the same time for the same requirement, usually you need to set every file once. But if you set your requirement on the 'Game Default Set', you needn't to set them one by one.

3.Of course, you can change the setting anytime if you like.

NDS Games Converting:

Add NDS games as the image above showed. Double click the game files which need to be converted; it will pop out a 'properties' window.

The image below is the 'properties' window. You can set game load modes.

Direct load mode: load the data of MircoSD card directly. The load speed of this mode is the same as the original NDS game.

Entire load mode: load the whole game data to SC memory first and play again. This mode make the reading speed is quite fluent. It is a pity that loading speed is quite slow.

Functions introduction

NDS Game Converting

Enable Restart: Originated soft-reset function all over the world: It requires the firmware is 1.6 version or above. Press L+R+A+B+X+Y when playing game and it will return to the main menu. With this function you needn't to restart DS console if you want to change another game to play.

Enable Trim ROM: Allow to compress roms to reduce its size. (Maybe few roms maybe run abnormally after being converted)

Faster Play Game: That some games may read slowly can be fixed or speeded up by enable this function.

Enable DMA Mode: Directly memory read technology. It is used for few games whose speed is too low.

Enable Union: Be suitable with some NDS games which can be linked with games.

Enable Patch Cartridge Access: Enable this function the compatibility of games can be improved.

Enable Rumble: Set the matched key to open rumble function and Rumble Intensity.

Enable Cheats: Load the cheats file of *.scc format.

Enable Book: Load the walkthrough files or other e-books of *.scb format even when playing game.

How to Change the Attribute of a Game?

Double click a game file and it will pop out a 'properties' window, as the picture below showed.

Enable Save: allow creating 1 general save room.

Enable more Saver: allow creating 4 general save rooms.

Enable save Patch: allow game save to be patched.

Enable Real Time Save: allow games to use Real Time Save function. There is 1 save room for Real Time Save function.

Enable more Real Time Saver: allow game to use Real Time Save function. There are 4 save rooms for Real Time Save function.

Enable Compress: can compress the converted game files up to 50%.

Enable Restart: allow soft-reset anytime when playing.

Enable add text file: You can add a text file such as game guide or walkthrough or other e-books to switch with game anytime.

Enable Cheat: Enable cheats use in game.

Cheat Compatibility: Some games will be freeze when using cheat function. Here this function can reduce the rate of freezing of games.

Cheat files: Usually you can use cheats which is only for SuperCard. Of course, you can add *.CHT cheat file by yourself.

Cheat List: You can edit cheat listed. Usually there is no need to change.

Last, press "OK" to exit.


Copy games

1. Insert MircoSD card into MircoSD Card Reader, then put the whole one into USB port of PC. Copy the converted files from PC to MircoSD card. Tips: Every original game file will create 2 or more files after being converted: files of *.dsq/*.dsi and .sav (general save file); For game, there will be a more file *.sci which is used for Real Time Save.

2. Insert MircoSD card into SuperCard MircoSD, then put the whole one in the NDS or console. Turn on the console, and select your favorite game and press "A" to start that game. When you want to change another game to play, just press L+R+SELECT+START at the same time to return to main menu.

How To Choose The Best R4 3DS Card

As we know, there are many R4 3DS flashcards in the market preciously. Different brand with different package, different price with different functions. It is not so easy for a new player to choose a most suitable R4 card. There are many aspects need to be considered, such as price, functions, firmware update, capacity, game compatibility and so on. We will give some purchase guide for 3DS players. Currently, there is no flashcard which can play 3DS games in the world. All R4 3DS card can only run 2D games. So if you want to play DS games on your 3DS console, this arcticle may be helpful.

Most popular R4 3DS cards
Currently, the R4i SDHC 3DS card from, R4i Gold 3DS card from, Acekard 2i from, Supercard DSTWO from and TT 3DS card from are most popular in Nintendo 3DS players. 90% of 3DS players are using these 5 flashcards. If you are a top player, and be familiar with flashcard, you surely can choose any R4 3DS cards that you like. But if you are a Green Bird of 3DS player or a children, we strongly recommend you to choose any of these 5 cards. This will largely reduce your trouble.

Best sale R4 3DS card
If you search R4 3DS in google or some other famous website, you will find the R4i SDHC 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS card are in hot sale. Almost all r4 card online stores have this 2 kinds of flashcards. Old Dsi users like to use R4i SDHC card and R4i Gold card, this brings good reputation to them. This 2 R4 3DS cards are main leader of flashcard in the market. While will say: "r4 3ds", we always mean the r4i sdhc 3ds card; and while we say "r4i 3ds", we always talk about the r4i gold 3ds card.

Best R4 3DS in price
If only consider the price, the TT 3DS and R4i SDHC 3DS card may be the first choice. TT 3DS card come out later than other r4 3ds cards. To earn more market, it largely cost down, which make it to be the cheapest R4 3DS card in the market now. The R4i SDHC 3DS is also good in price. As a children or new player, the price is surely a important condition for puchase. No need complex function, just easy for opeation and good in price? Just take TT 3DS card.

Best R4 3DS in firmware update and after service
As main leader of r4 3ds in the market, the R4i SDHC 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS do best in firmware update and technical service. The R4i SDHC 3DS card use it's own r4i kernel. It update 1 time for every month.. R4i Gold 3DS card use wood r4 kernel, it also update very fast. The continuously firmware udpate make this 2 r4 3ds cards fit many latest Nintendo games. Also, they support Nintendo 3DS system update. R4i SDHC 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS card are the first r4 3ds card to break Nintendo 3DS V3.0.0-6 console, but some other r4 3ds card no firmware update any more. The fast firmware update brings good technical service. While there are bugs or any problem, they can fix it as soon as possible.

For multi-media play, which R4 3DS is better?
If you are a top player, you may not only want to play DS games, but also enjoy Movie, music, E-book and other media functions. Some users even want to play GBA games on Nintendo 3DS console. In this time, the Supercard DSTwo and M3i Zero adapter are most optional. Supercard DSTwo is high in price, but good in quality. It is the only flashcard which can play GBA games. DSTwo and M3i Zero are most powerful in multi-media funtions. Especially for video play, they supply good performance, without any lag.

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Tales From the Spam Folder . . .

Happy Friday everyone! Casey here.
Today, rather than the usual blog post, I’d like to try something different. And it’s going to require audience participation (that means you, dear readers). Don’t worry, it’ll be fun. I promise.
The other day, I was cleaning out the spam folders for my blog and the Scribes. Normally, spam is a bunch of gibberish or poorly written attempts to sneak past Akismet (WordPress’ s filter program).
But on this day, I found something a bit different. A hidden gem that teased my imagination. The Scribes have talked about doing some type of round robin and I think this bit-o-spam would be a perfect start.
So here is how this will work. I am going to present the spam exactly as I found it. Then, I’m going to add my two cents. Next, each commenter is going to add  what they think happens next. The following person is going to build onto whatever the previous commenter has written. And so on. . . .
Let your imagination run wild. Feel free to add dialogue, more characters or whatever strikes you!
Hopefully by day’s end, we will have an interesting bit of story. And, I suspect this may be from a movie, so if anyone has any guesses, throw them out there.
Here is the spam: SMITH: Well, well, it’s been a long time. I remember chasing you was like chasing a ghost.
And away we go:
“Well, well, it’s been a long time. I remember chasing you was like chasing a ghost,” said Smith.
<here’s what we have so far>
Lady Tansy Mumford sipped her tepid and tasteless tea, unwilling to rise to the comment. Mr. Edward Smith, the most odious of men, stared expectantly, his forehead shiny and sleek in the afternoon sun. Was it wrong for a lady of her genteel upbringing to wish harm upon another? After all Mr. Smith was only pursuing her for one thing.
That’s because I am a ghost, and I’m going to haunt you until the end of your days. Accident, smackccident. You murdered me and I won’t rest til the day you join me. With a horrendous cackle, the translucent image of Smith’s ex-wife faded.
“Jesus,” said Smith to himself. I have to stop mixing antacids with wine. The combination not only gives me gas, but hallucinations, too.
Smith, his eyes ablaze, turned to the tap on his shoulder. He opened his mouth, his hand fell across his lips and he took a gulp the size of Niagara Falls. He reached out to touch the wisp of his wife . . .
“I swear, Sarah, it was an accident. I never meant to hurt you.” Smith’s arm fell to his side as he slowly backed away from his wife’s apparition.
“It seems your sins are catching up with you, Smith,” said Lady Mumford as she regarded him over the rim of her tea cup.
“So many sins,” she continued. “Remember that time you bought me a carpet cleaner for my birthday? Or those numerous times you clipped your toe nails in the bed? And the toilet seat! Do you know how many times I have fallen into that wet cold water? Oh, I’m going to haunt your ass, I’m going to annoy you so bad that you’ll go crazy and no other woman will want you.”
But ghost or not, you will not escape me. I will find you. I will fill your email box with offers for v@aagra and beutifull babes pron. You have no way to leave me behind except to change your email address, and that is only a temporary solution. We shall track you to the ends of the earth.

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Cheater, Cheater

Sorry I can’t tell you where my secret lair is. I can tell you it’s not full of high-tech gadgets, cannisters of brightly colored knockout gas (so useful!), not even a really cool car. It’s just me, my cat, and my trusty HP laptop. Occasionally my manservant (husband) will bring me a cup of excellent coffee, but he absolutely refuses to wear the apron and black-rimmed glasses I’ve provided for him, nor will he feather-dust my bust of Shakespeare. Good help is so difficult to find. Sigh.
So what am I writing? By now most of you probably know about National Novel Writing Month, which is always in November. (If not, check out Fifty thousand words in a month is doable–I’ve done it–but it’s a stretch for me. Six to eight hundred words a day is more comfortable. This year I got the brilliant idea to cheat! My devious brain told me that if I started on October 1 and wrote 800 words a day, I could complete my work-in-progress by November 30. So far, I’m on track, and it feels great.
I’m also experimenting with working on two projects at once. That contemporary romance novel I wrote for NaNo two Novembers ago? Well, it needs quite a bit of help. A lot is salvageable though, and once I broke down and asked for plotting help from my friends, I figured out just how to fix it. So I’m alternating between the two WIPs–I can read four or five novels simultaneously and keep the stories straight. Theoretically, I should be able to do the same with writing. I’ll report back on the results in a couple of months.
So, are you a cheater? A Loner, Dottie? A Rebel? Or do you follow the rules?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

[Film] PaperBoy

Deux journalistes reviennent dans leur ville natale pour enquêter sur la prochaine exécution d’un prisonnier, incarcéré sans preuves fondées. Désireux de se faire connaître en tant qu’investigateurs, ils veulent prouver son éventuelle innocence.
Pour cela, ils rencontrent Charlotte, qui est bizarrement tombée amoureuse du détenu par courrier et va les aider dans leur quête de la vérité. Et le jeune frère de la famille, Jack, qui leur sert de chauffeur dans leurs déplacements. Mais Quand Jack tombe amoureux de Charlotte, prouver l’innocence de cet homme au comportement grossier et agressif devient une source d’interrogation.
La campagne profonde
Le petit plaisir de ce film vient de cet environnement que je qualifie certainement maladroitement de campagne profonde. A une époque où les noirs commençaient à peine à être un peu accepté dans les grandes villes, la campagne restait encore bien sur ses acquis. Les nègres étaient avant tout là pour servir les blanc, et la population d’anciens s’accrochait à cet état de fait avec hargne.
Et surtout, cliché réel ou exagération, je ne saurais le dire, mais la campagne profonde est clairement montrée comme une population au QI bien bas, du genre à se marier en famille pour ne pas élever le niveau et à traiter les femmes comme des putes ou des bonniches, au choix. Une ambiance sordide très bien rendue. Le ton n’est jamais parodique et pourtant les clichés semblent énormes. Un naturel mis en place grâce à des acteurs talentueux, notamment, la belle Nicole Kidman, qui n’a pas hésité à salir son image pour l’occasion.
Voilà bien une actrice que l’on associe facilement aux strasses et paillettes ou au moins à un univers propre sur lui. Dans Paperboy, elle montre avec talent qu’elle peut parfaitement incarner l’opposé. Charlotte, bien qu’étant perçu par les autres personnages comme une belle femme, est à nos yeux perçu comme une femme vulgaire, aux manières crues. Une fille de la campagne qui s’habille comme une catin pour avoir l’air de venir de la ville. Je sais, j’ai l’air médisant dans mes propos, mais vous voyez en gros le tableau. Et il faut avouer que le rôle lui va comme un gant. Passant son temps à mâchouiller son chewing-gum la bouche ouverte et à coucher pour obtenir les faveurs masculines, on va aller jusqu’à la voir pisser sur quelqu’un qui s’est fait piquer par une méduse ou mimer une scène de baise (bouche ouverte façon fellation) au parloir de la prison pour exciter le détenu. Une scène crue et dérangeante à souhait qui fonctionne parfaitement et nous met vite mal à l’aise.
Un résultat mitigé
Mais malgré cela, la mayonnaise ne prend pas vraiment. Les scènes s’enchaînent sans réel engouement pour le spectateur. Le suspense sur la culpabilité du prisonnier est quasiment absent, et le devenir des personnages pourtant bien maltraités n’émeut pas plus que ça. Je ne saurais dire si c’est la mise en scène un peu molle qui plombe l’entrain ou le scénario qui s’avère beaucoup trop maigre, mais on est au final assez frustré de ne pas voir ces personnages mieux exploités.
En particulier à la fin du film qui choisit une voie bien sordide une fois de plus (un peu trop, même), qui devrait nous remplir d’indignation, de dégoût, de colère, même, peut-être. Mais non, on assiste à tout cela sans se prendre au jeu, et l’absence de réelle confrontation finale clôt l’ensemble avec un manque cruel de punch.
Un film en demi-teinte donc, qui aurait pu être bien meilleur, mais mérite tout de même un visionnage de curiosité, un jour à l’occasion d’un DVD prêté, pour apprécier la belle Nicole Kidman en femme de mauvais goût.
PS : le prisonnier s’appelle Hilary, et comme j’ignorais que c’était également un prénom d’homme je ne comprenais absolument pas la bande annonce et le début du film. Bon à savoir.

Work Life Balance

Hiddey-Ho there Scribblers ~ J Monkeys coming atcha from sultry northern Connecticut.  Fellow Scribe, Jennifer Fusco posted on Facebook that she’s going to be tackling the subject of Work-Life Balance in some kind of public forum coming up and that got me to thinking…and trying out a balancing method that’s worked well for me in the past. 
Well, it worked on vacation…sure that’s a potential stumbling block, but I put it into practice today to see what might come of it, to surprising results.
Have you ever seen this movie?  It’s a Hugh Grant flick from a few years back.  Now I’m a huge Hugh fan…I have him singing from Music and Lyrics on my iPod and I thought the Pirate Captain from the recent kids movie Pirates had his speech cadence even though it sounded nothing like him.  Turned out I was right.  I’m that kind of dedicated fan.  Mr. Grant, you are welcome. 
Now this isn’t one of my favorites of his films, (that would probably be Music & Lyrics or Love Actually) but there is an interesting bit where he breaks the day down into 30 minute units.  Hugh’s character is a middle-aged rich kid living off the fortune left him by his one-hit-wonder father.  He’s idle and bored – hence the need to fill his time in manageable pieces.
So Hugh lives 30 minutes at a time.  Sometimes he’d spend two units on something, like racquetball or something.  I tried this on a WICKED restful vacation a number of years ago (pre-kid.)  I spent 5 days at a dude ranch in Arizona.  We woke up and spent a unit at breakfast when Cookie rang the triangle, then went for a 3-unit trail ride, took a unit long nap, ate lunch for another unit or two, napped another unit away, rode for a couple more units, frolicked in the pool for a unit, ate again – supper was at least two units, then played games until it was time spend a unit or more staring at a night sky filled with more stars than I’ve ever seen before or since.  I’ve never been so rested.  It was GREAT!  We lived one unit at a time.
So – today, I spent my free time (read that as kid-free time when I can actually accomplish something) by units.  I set the oven timer for 2 units (an hour for the math challenged) and did random housework.  When the timer buzzed, I set it again for another 2 units.  I spent these units working on a project for which I actually get paid (exciting thing!).  Upon buzzing, I put that project away and spent a unit inputting edits to my DIY Publishing book, then a unit folding four loads of laundry.  Finally, I spent a unit on lunch with a side order of  The West Wing (the Supremes from Season 5, one of my favorites) and headed out to the kids’ school for a few hours of volunteer time.
Now, I didn’t accomplish much of any one thing, but I did touch on many of the things I need to work on – housework, stuff I get paid to do, writing and not unimportantly, some me time.  That is what I call work-life balance, people.  Sure I have an overwhelming amount of stuff still on my plate, but hey – it was a good day!
Today’s secret: Sometimes, wisdom comes in strange places…or when you’ve got 30 different things to do – breaking your time up into focused chunks can help you keep those plates spinning.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Writing is My Life…Finally by Terry Spear

Happy Friday everyone! Casey here with a big welcome back to USA Today best seller Terry Spear! Stay tuned until the end of the post to read an excerpt and for a chance to win a copy of Terry’s latest book SAVAGE HUNTER.
Thanks to 7 Scribes for having me back! Casey asked me to talk about quitting my day job. So here goes:
In the beginning, like not quite during the dinosaur age, but close, when we were still submitting manuscripts on typewriters and there was no such thing as personal home computers or cell phones, even, I was writing stories for publication (children’s stories back then) and getting rejected. A couple went to senior editors, but still the rejections came.
Undaunted, I switched from children’s stories to western historical romance because I love westerns and I love romance and happily ever after. I heard that romances sell better than children’s stories unless you have an agent. And getting one is harder than getting published.
So I merrily went about writing my first historical western romance. And when I was done, I learned historical romances are hard to sell. Western romances are the hardest.
This taught me a couple of things. If I wanted to become a published author—and I did at that point beyond a doubt. I knew I would do anything to write the book someone wanted so that I could support myself with just my writing—I had to write. Constantly.
It taught me to take chances on writing for different lines that had recently opened up: Comedy Romance, Fantasy Romance, Bombshell, YA, you name it. Every time a new line with an established company started, I wrote a story for them.
The first time I got picked up, two of my YA were bought. The company paid advances, but then two years later, and only one month before my first book released, they closed the YA line. But it was a new line and they were buying. Until they closed it. I did keep the advances, so that was the good thing.
Then I got another break. Sourcebooks was one of those companies that had just started to request manuscripts. They had bought two historical romances written by NY Times bestselling authors. And then they picked up ME for Heart of the Wolf, urban fantasy romance.
I wasn’t the only one that was picked up about that time. Some of us are still with them from the beginning, and some are not. It was interesting when I went to Anaheim this year with the RWA Conference, I was one of their first authors, and proud to be. They gave me the break I truly needed when agents were rejecting me and when many of the NY pubs were saying—“close, but no cigar.”
With my 9th release, A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing, Finn Emerson is one hot sexy SEAL wolf, I made USA Today bestseller in March!!!
But last year, I tried my hand at self-publishing. Remember all those books I wrote for publishers while trying to find a home for one? Tons and tons and tons of books? My critique partners who are still with me after eight years, used to joke that I would someday take a U-Haul truck filled with manuscripts and sell them all at once to NYC.
Well, it didn’t happen quite like that. I self-published 24 titles and for the first time in the years I’ve been published, I made enough to quit my day job. I’d been working 40 hours at the day job, and 40-45 hours in all my spare time before work, after work, and on my two days off trying to keep up with writing, editing, and promotions—all with the goal that one day I could quit and write all 80 of those hours per week!!!
And I did it. August of this year, I was writing full time and loving it.
It took me a lot of years to get here. Sixteen, in fact. The key to success for me was to keep writing. To never give up. I actually have 45 published novels or novellas out and many more that I’ve written that need major revisions before they’re publishable. And many more that I’ve started that need to be finished. So you see, all that time spent writing for all those years wasn’t wasted.
With any job, we have to be dedicated to it. I’ve treated my writing as a full-time job even when I had a full time job. I have goals I set, deadlines I have to meet. I had so many this past month, even without a full time job, I was having a time keeping up. I had a book due Sept 15, Oct 15, and 40,000 words worth of blogs due by mid-September.
I have another book I’ll need to be revising soon. It’s all doable. I set goals. I finished both of the other books early and turned them in. And then I began to tackle the 30 guest blogs. Four a day, in a week they’ll all be done.
And then? It’s back to writing.
Which is great! Because for all those years, that’s exactly what I wanted to be doing! Creating stories for the world full time.
In SAVAGE HUNGER, Connor Anderson has one goal, get Kathleen McKnight, former Army officer, back to civilization before his sister turns her! Everyone should have a goal, don’t you think?
What would you do if you decided Connor was just the kind of man you wanted in your life, but he wasn’t willing to turn you?
Thanks so much to 7 Scribes for having me here today, and one lucky person that answers my question will have a chance to win a copy of SAVAGE HUNGER.US/Canada Addresses Only.
Terry – thanks so much for being our guest today! Remember Scribes’ fans, answer the question for a chance to win a book!
About the Author
USA Today bestselling and an award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval romantic suspense, Terry Spear also writes true stories for adult and young adult audiences. She’s a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and has an MBA from Monmouth University. She also creates award-winning teddy bears, Wilde & Woolly Bears, that are personalized that have found homes all over the world. When she’s not writing or making bears, she’s teaching online writing courses or gardening. Her family has roots in the Highlands of Scotland where her love of all things Scottish came into being. Originally from California, she’s lived in eight states and now resides in the heart of Texas. She is the author of the Heart of the Wolfseries and the Heart of the Jaguar series, plus numerous other paranormal romance and historical romance novels. For more information, please visit, or follow her on Twitter, @TerrySpear.
SAVAGE HUNGER by Terry Spear
She heard something moving toward her from behind. The hair at the nape of her neck instantly stood at attention. Her heart was already tripping. She was afraid it was him—the cat with the deep, angry, growly voice. She knew the big cats moved silently through the jungle. She imagined the cat would appear before she would even be prepared to face him. And then what?
Turning slowly, she looked to see who or what it was. An armed man? Or a toothy jaguar?
She saw the most beautiful creature she had ever chanced to see up close—way too close. A huge jaguar. No fence or moat to keep him from her, like at a zoo. Her skin chilled, and her heart thumped erratically.
As much as she’d wanted to see one, she hadn’t quite thought to observe one like this. If he did belong to Connor, she didn’t see any sign of the man. Which meant this one could be a real danger.
In the back of her mind, she wanted to pull her camera out of her bag and take a picture, take a hundred pictures. That was just plain crazy. She stayed porcelain-statue still, afraid any sudden movement would trigger him to pounce. She had envisioned watching one swimming in a river or maybe drinking water at a riverbank. She’d thought she might catch sight of one lounging in a tree while she watched from a nice, safe distance, but not on the prowl like this while she was standing in its path.
Her heart still pounding out of bounds, she stared at the jaguar, which had the most beautiful golden eyes and matching golden body covered in large black rosettes. His belly was white and covered with more rosettes. His long whiskers bristled. He lifted his nose and sniffed the air, taking a whiff of her scent, she was certain, although there wasn’t a whisper of a breeze with all the vegetation surrounding them. Was he trying to smell just how tasty she might be? Despite the muggy heat, a chill raced down her spine.
His eyes were round, fully watching her as he stood frozen in place. His tail twitched, jerking back and forth in a tight motion, just like her cat’s would when she watched a bird on a tree branch near the living room window. Her cat’s eyes would be just as huge as the jaguar’s and her body just as tense, ready to pounce on her prey if she could have gotten beyond the glass windowpane.
Don’t move, Kathleen screamed silently to herself. He is curious. Just curious. You are not dinner.
Who was she kidding? All she could think of was the Indian word for jaguar, yaguar, meaning “he who kills at one leap.” Looking at the way that he was standing so still, she wondered if he was thinking about it. He wasn’t in pouncing form, crouched, ready to leap, but maybe he was waiting for her to run, offering more sport that way.
They would eat deer and tapirs. Why not a tasty woman?
Then to her shock, she heard another growl. This one came from behind her. Yet the jaguar was still standing in front of her, and he hadn’t made a sound. Her skin grew a fresh rash of goose bumps.
Maybe he wasn’t a he, but a she, and her nearly full-grown cub was behind Kathleen, coming for dinner. Or maybe this one was a he—he looked awfully big not to be, around six feet in length and weighing, she guessed, around two hundred and fifty pounds—and the other was his mate. How big was the other, then?
If they were mating, maybe Kathleen was needed to keep them well fed for another bout of tying it on. That didn’t improve her outlook on the situation in the least. The only thing she could hope for was that they had the hots for each other, and one human wouldn’t distract them that thoroughly. Maybe that’s why they had been roaring. As a love call. Or maybe he would think Kathleen was a threat to his mate.
She hoped both cats had recently eaten and that she wasn’t about to be on the menu.
He slowly walked toward her. She had to tell herself that was because the other jaguar was somewhere behind her with Kathleen inconveniently in between the two of them.
She wanted desperately to dash off. But she couldn’t outrun a big cat that could take her down with one leap. Not to mention that if she turned and bolted, she would probably run straight into the other jaguar.
She meant to glance behind her for a tree that she could reach and quickly climb, but when she looked over her shoulder, she saw the other cat. And her heart nearly stopped. Her breathing definitely did.
Smaller, though not by much, the second jaguar observed her with the same golden eyes and had the same golden coat with black rosettes and the same hungry look. This was so not good.